Base Package Installation


PerMedCoE project developments are based on containers enabling reproducible operations in heterogeneous HPC infrastructures, and their inclusion into building blocks (BBs) and workflows.

The permedcoe package provides a command line tool that eases BB execution. It also provides a Python API necessary for the development of BBs and enables the creation of empty BB templates.

This section shows how to install the PerMedCoE base package. A list of package dependencies is also provided.


Installation from Pypi

The package is publicly available in Pypi:

python3 -m pip install permedcoe

Installation from source code

An automatic installation script is available in the PerMedCoE base package GitHub repository:

git clone
cd permedcoe


This script creates a file named installation_files.txt to keep track of the installed files. It is used with the script to clean up the system.

Uninstall from Pypi

The base package can be uninstalled can be done using pip uninstall:

python3 -m pip uninstall permedcoe

Uninstall from source code

If installed using, the base package can be uninstalled by running:


The folder can then be cleaned using the script.