Welcome to PerMedCoE documentation!


This is the HPC/Exascale Centre of Excellence for Personalised Medicine in Europe (PerMedCoE) artifacts documentation.

The target audiences for this documentation are:

  • Developers (Python) aiming at contributing to the Personalized Medicine project environment with Building Blocks or Workflows.

  • Researchers aiming at conducting investigations using the available Building Blocks and Workflows.

This documentation is aimed at showing:

  • How to use the permedcoe package:

    • Python API

    • Command Line Interface

  • How to develop new Building Blocks

  • How to execute Building Blocks individually

  • How to develop Workflows using Building Blocks

  • How to execute Workflows using:

    • PyCOMPSs

    • Croupier

  • A step-by-step guide from creating a building block to execute a workflow

  • A step-by-step tutorial for deploying and executing the existing Building Blocks and Workflows

  • A sample application

The current status of the project is WORK IN PROGRESS.